Experience the magic of the Canederlo Festival in Imèr, and learn to cook canederlo with us.

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The Knödelfest in Imèr, known as the Canederlo Festival, is a unique experience that takes place on the first weekend of September. This festival celebrates dumplings, a traditional dish from Trentino, attracting thousands of people to this charming village. Visitors can enjoy an extraordinary variety of dumplings, with more than 20 different types offered by local restaurateurs and distributed in over 20 thousand pieces. 

The Knödelfest in Imèr: Canederlo Festival

The heart of the event is along the main street of Imèr, transformed into a large outdoor dining room with over 200 tables. In addition to dumplings, the food stands offer typical dishes of the tradition of Primiero and Trentino, offering a wide choice for all tastes. 

The activities of the Canederlo Festival include the exhibition of the Ants by Fabio Vettori, culinary workshops such as “The sweet dumplings” for children, and the possibility of traveling by carriage between the parking lots and the festival. Saturday and Sunday are days of great celebration, with Tyrolean folk music that animates the streets and invites you to dance. 

A fun and particularly awaited moment is the Miss & Mr Canederlo contest, where participants wear typical Tyrolean clothes and the winning couple becomes testimonial of the next edition of the party. 

For those interested in discovering the secrets of Trentino cuisine, the festival offers cooking workshops where adults and children can learn how to prepare dumplings under the guidance of expert local chefs. A weekend in Imèr for the Knödelfest is an immersion in Trentino culture, taste and fun, an unforgettable experience for the whole family. 


31 August 24

01 September 24


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Imer, TN, Italia

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By car: from Trento to Imèr take SS47 and SS50. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

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