Churburg Castle: South Tyrolean Knight Games

13 February 2024

2 minutes

Photo of IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Tina Sturzenegger

The Middle Ages come to life within the ancient walls of Sluderno in Vinschgau, in South Tyrol. Brave knights, enchanting ladies and mysterious priests gather in August to create an extraordinary and unforgettable experience Immerse yourself in magical days where the atmosphere of the past blends with the splendor of the alpine landscape.

Churburg Castle, with its imposing towers and walls telling centuries of history, will be the stage for skilled knights to test their skills in captivating chivalric games. This unique event offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the compelling atmosphere of the Middle Ages, with tournaments, duels and performances that will take you back in time.

The South Tyrolean Knight Games are not only an opportunity to admire skill and dexterity, but also to explore the extraordinary collection of medieval weapons housed in the castle. A journey through time, from sharp swords to majestic suits of armor, allows visitors to experience a complete history and culture.

This unique event promises excitement, entertainment and total immersion in the charm of the Middle Ages. Churburg Castle is preparing to be the center of an extraordinary experience, combining the grandeur of the South Tyrolean Knight Games with the splendor of the largest collection of medieval weapons in Europe.

Churburg Castle: an educational journey to the Middle Ages for young visitors 

The South Tyrolean Knights’ Tournament is not only an opportunity for entertainment, but also an educational adventure for young visitors. Each part of the program is based on real events that took place in the Middle Ages in the Vinschgau Valley and offers an authentic journey into the past.

A fascinating medieval playground has been set up especially for children. Here, expert guides and “medieval” storytellers will engage the young visitors with exciting stories and detailed explanations about life in the castles of the past. By participating in processions, dressing up in costumes and taking an authentic leap into the Middle Ages, young explorers will be able to fully immerse themselves in history.

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