Canale di Tenno, where the story becomes reality

13 February 2024

2 minutes

Photo of Garda Dolomiti SpA

Italea Trentino Alto Adige has recently landed in the picturesque town of Canale di Tenno, offering expatriates a unique experience immersed in the history and culture of Trentino.

The medieval village of Canale di Tenno is located in this enchanting corner of Trentino, overlooking Lake Garda and surrounded by lush green hills. Founded in the 13th century, the village exudes history from its cobbled streets and stone and wooden houses, witnesses to a distant past. The houses clinging to the hillside, the balconies overlooking the quiet streets, the barrel vaults and the colorful geraniums decorating the windows create a dreamy atmosphere that has attracted artists from all over the continent since the post-war years.

Canale di Tenno’s highlights

Among the most famous visitors was the painter Giacomo Vittone from Turin, who found inspiration in the views of the Canale di Tenno, now immortalized in his works. The Casa degli Artisti, dedicated to him, is today a refuge for artists visiting the village. The perfect preservation of the village, with its stone inns and mysterious alleys, makes it one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

But Canale is not only about art; it also preserves its agricultural roots. The Museum of Agricultural Tools in the “Aldo Gorfer” Center offers a window into the village’s rural past. Not far away, the statue of the “Vicinia delle Ville del Monte” recalls ancient local administrative practices.

Finally, a short walk along alpine paths leads to Lake Tenno, a turquoise jewel with an island in the middle, symbolizing the natural beauty of the area.

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