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Workshop "A border land in the heart of Europe"

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The workshop introduces participants to the geographical and historical-cultural specificities of the Trentino-South Tyrol/Südtirol region through an active learning experience in the historical centres of the cities of Trento and Bolzano and in the localities of Tret and St. Felix, on the border between the two provinces.

The activity begins with a brief presentation, by a local expert, of the essential elements of the local context. Then, during the same day, the participants are accompanied on a journey of exploration and reflection in the historic centre of Trento, during which, with the support of a local tour guide, some of the most significant places and monuments will be brought to the attention of travellers through some collaborative exercises of observation and contextualization.

The second stage of the workshop takes place in the Alta Val di Non, a zone of passage between the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, as well as territory of contact between the Italian-speaking community and the German-speaking community. A local expert and a medium mountain guide will lead the participants in a simple trek in the footsteps of American anthropologists John W. Cole and Eric R. Wolf, authors in the 60s of the twentieth century an extensive field research aimed at understanding the different models of adaptation to the natural alpine environment developed over the centuries by the Latin and Germanic culture communities.

The third and final stage offers in the city of Bolzano an activity similar to that made in Trento: a tour of the most important sites for understanding the history and culture of the city, with the support of a local tour guide and some individual and group exercises. A moment of reflection on the peculiarities and composite identities of the region, in the light of the places visited and the topics addressed, completes the workshop.

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8/9 hours, divided into three days

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Senale San Felice, BZ, Italia

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