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Traces of Time: Diary of Family Roots in the Heart of Trentino

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Imagine starting a unique journey in the charming Trentino-South Tyrol. You’ll think it starts when you arrive at the airport, but with us you’ll have the opportunity to start long before you touch the Italian soil.

The workshop “Diary of Family Roots” is an experience of personal and cultural discovery that begins with a fundamental online meeting with your ‘Ancestral Cicero’, an expert genealogist from Trentino-South Tyrol, which marks the beginning of the journey.
He will guide you on the preparation and give you guidance on how to find family stories, old photographs, documents and small objects that may prove to be keys to understanding your past. This initial guide is crucial to establishing a link with your family history.

With the information collected, your ‘Ancestral Cicero’ will begin to do extensive research on your ancestors, creating links between your family history and specific places, events or traditions of Trentino-South Tyrol. This research work often reveals surprising family ties and hidden stories.

Continuing with the research and directions of your ‘Ancestral Cicero’, you will begin to build your family tree, a bridge that connects you to your past. Every new detail becomes an essential part of your personal story.

During the trip, every day there will be an exploration into the history of your family. ou will continue to enrich your diary with new discoveries, places visited and stories heard, all experiences that will be the living fabric of your bond with your homeland. You will discover tools of old crafts, milk a cow, cook ancient recipes, and your ‘Ancestral Cicero’ will be next to you to help you rebuild your story.

Once back home, the diary becomes a bridge between the past and the present. It will be a tangible reminder of your link with Trentino-South Tyrol and your family roots. You will have the opportunity to continue adding photos and anecdotes about your family, making it grow with you.

The laboratory “Diary of Family Roots” is transformed into a path of continuous discovery, offering an experience that goes beyond simple genealogy. This journey begins with an encounter, but is transformed into a journey of life, where each step brings you closer not only to your roots but also to a deeper understanding of yourself.

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Piazza di San Biagio, 5, Nanno, TN, Italia

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