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The Magic of Dumplings: Between History and Flavors of Trentino Alto Adige

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Luogo:Isera (TN)

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Our expert, who may be a person who passes on traditions from generation to generation, will make you travel through time, telling you the origins of dumplings It is a simple dish born as an ingenious solution to reuse stale bread. This culinary tradition, symbol of the frugality and cunning of Trentino cuisine, becomes an engaging experience for all participants.

In the lab, each participant is an active element. There are no spectators, only co-creators. Under the expert eye cook, you will have the opportunity to knead and form dumplings, becoming an integral part of the culinary process.

The goal is to transform culture and practice into a union, where the expert shares not only his knowledge, but also secrets and tricks that make dumplings so special. And as you immerse yourself in the preparation, every gesture and every choice becomes essential for the success of the dish.

After creating the dumplings together, the most awaited moment comes: the tasting.
This is an opportunity to appreciate a delicious dish, but also to celebrate the sense of community and collaboration, where each hand contributed to the magic of the final result.

This workshop is much more than a cooking class; it is an adventure in which past and present merge, and where history intertwines with flavours in a shared and interactive experience. Join us in this culinary exploration, where tradition, culture and cuisine meet for a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Isera, TN, Italia

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