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Malgaro’s laboratory "Milk at high altitude"

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Luogo:Trento (TN)

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The laboratory “Milk at high altitude” leads the traveller of the roots to the discovery of alpine farming, i.e. the summer stocking and dairy production at high altitude. This is the most important economic activity for the territory of Trentino-South Tyrol until the mid-twentieth century, whose fortunes and whose decline are closely linked to the migratory dynamics of the Alpine valleys. The participant will then discover how some of the most valuable products of local gastronomy are made, know the history and traditions related to life on mountain pastures, will be surprised at the benefits for animals and the natural environment that traditional alpine farming still produces today.

The workshop starts early in the morning with the ascent to the hut, a rustic structure at high altitude for the management of livestock and milk during the summer. Milking and milk collection follow, led by the dairy farmer and an expert agronomist. While the milk is put to heat for the dairy laboratory, the participants can enjoy a rich breakfast with the products of the hut and the territory. The Malgaro and the expert will illustrate the processes for the transformation of milk into cheese, according to the centuries-old traditions of the Alpine communities, and guide the participants in the realization of the “nostrano” and ricotta. At the end of the experience, the local experts will reconstruct with a short presentation for the travellers of the roots centuries of toil, traditions and innovations that have made the alpine culture one of the pillars of the material and intangible heritage of the Trentino-Tyrolean valleys.

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4 hours

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Trento, TN, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italia

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