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Dinner with Your Ancestor: A Journey into Family History

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Imagine sitting at a table and being transported back in time, on a journey to discover your origins. ” Dinner with Your Ancestor” is more than just a gastronomic event; it is an exciting exploration of your family and cultural heritage.

While you enjoy meticulously prepared dishes according to the culinary traditions of the time and region of your ancestors, an experienced storyteller in family history will enrich the experience with stories and anecdotes. These personalized stories will make every bite a fascinating journey through history.

During the evening, you will have the opportunity to interact with the storyteller, asking questions and deepening specific aspects of your genealogy. This lively and informative dialogue will enrich your understanding of the past.

Towards the end of the event, there will be space for personal reflection and sharing experiences with other participants. his moment of intimacy and exchange will allow you to fully assimilate the new discoveries about your family.

You will receive a personalized dossier containing the stories and information learned, along with photographs and notes of the event. This dossier will be a tangible testimony of the experience, a bridge between your present and your family’s past.

“Dinner with Your Ancestor” is not just a dinner, but a deep cultural experience, which allows you to connect with your roots in an intimate and meaningful way, enriching your bond with family history through flavors, stories and traditions.

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Trento, TN, Italia

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